Lifting Equipment and Height Safety Equipment Inspections

Cranewise Australia offers a complete lifting equipment care package including;

Inspection of all lifting equipment as required by workplace compliance in line with Duty of Care and applicable state regulations and National Standards.

Setting up and maintaining lifting equipment registers and periodic reporting.

Periodic inspection and testing of Cranes and Lifting Equipment as required by relevant Australian Standards.

On site repair of damaged or faulty equipment whenever possible.

Design, installation and implementation of lifting equipment stations and safety systems.

Fully competent and qualified personnel carry out all inspections.

Objective of Periodic Inspections

The objective of periodic inspections is to ensure that defective parts of the equipment are either replaced or repaired before they start to affect the serviceability and the safe operation of the equipment.

Defective parts are parts that: -

·        Have suffered physical damage, cracks, corrosion etc. which may affect the load carrying capacity of the parts, or

·        Have failed to perform the functions they are supposed to do, particularly where they are provided for  safety.